Sunday, September 28, 2008

About Me

Hello. My name is Kate. I'm a fifth year at Kansas State University, studying Interior Architecture and Product Design, and concentrating in furniture design.

I am also an obsessive pet owner. Ever since I can remember, I've had pets. From my first, a hamster named Oreo. To my most recent, two rats named Oggie and Oden. And everything in between, including cats, dogs, snakes, and even my cactus Rufus.

I've recently discovered that my love of animals stems from an even deeper love of all things cute. An innocent photo of a kitten can instantly melt me into a puddle of "Oohs" and "Aahs."

So I have decided to use my thesis project to study cuteness in all its forms. With my research, I will be able to design a series of furniture that is, essentially, cute.

Please take a look around. I gladly accept comments and questions.


My cat, Saffire, being adorable.


Farhan Noor said...

Hi Kate! I'm impressed with your logo and want to ask whether you're open to designing a logo for a cool social gifting app I'm making in Singapore. You can reach me at Hope to hear from you.

Tony Einfeldt said...

Looks like this blog has been abandoned for a while, but on the off chance you still check it... did you put that book together? If so, I'd be very interested in reading some of your conclusions!