Sunday, October 26, 2008

Book Layout

This is an updated book layout. As I continue to complete my literature review, it will become more detailed, but this is the basic format.

  • Title Page
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • PART I: What is Cute? The History of Cute.
    • Brief history of how we evolved into cuteness. Survival of the Cutest.
    • Konrad Lorenz; Evolution and Biology of Cute
    • Stephen Hamann; Psychology of cute
    • Stephen Jay Gould; Evolution of Mickey mouse
  • (Transition: How Cuteness has evolved from theory into a modern cultural phenomenon.)
  • PART II: Cuteness Today. Cute Takes on Culture.
    • American Culture of Cute
    • Japanese Culture of Cute: Kawaii
    • Cuteness merges with other characteristics
  • (Transition: Taking mass trends and observing individual opinions.)
  • PART III: Observing Cute. Trends in Cute Design.
    • Survey Results
    • Reaction Observations
    • List of Cute Cues
    • Case Studies
  • (Transition: Taking these studies and applying them to design.)
  • PART IV: The Future of Cute
    • Marketing and Cuteness (Cuteness and the Economic Crisis)
    • Developing a Case for Cuteness (Defending against the anti-cute)
    • Using What I’ve Learned (Future Cute Projects)
  • Conclusion

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